Registration for XOBA 2014 is Open

Rider Registration
Download Paper Registration

Mileage will be 60-65 miles a day.
There are options for additional miles at least 3 days during the week.

Overnight locations are currently being secured.
Once secured, we will announce the overnight towns.

Every year we put together a list of near by hotels/motels.
Please keep in mind if plan to stay in a hotel/motel each night, 
you are responsible to get to and from. 
They are not always near by and we do not know their quality.
Our hotel/motel listing will be available in the spring.

Camp stoves, ETC!!! are not permitted
Our contracts with schools, YMCAs, etc strictly prohibit the use of 
Camp Fires, Camp Stoves and other such devices.

If you have questions, please email our Support Team

Registration fee includes:
                • XOBA's Official Themed T-shirt,
                • XOBA commemorative wristband,
                • SAG support, 
                • 1 boxed lunch, 
                • at least 2 catered dinners, 
                • XOBA Themed Commemorative pin, 
                • Baggage transport, 
                • Expert Bicycle Mechanic, 
                • Maps, 
                • marked route 
Bus and bicycle transport from Finish to Start on the first day.

  • 15+ speed bicycle in good working condition

  • We strongly recommend carrying two water bottles.

  • Have enough bags on your bike to carry items you will need/want
    during the day’s ride (bike tools, extra tubes, patch kits, first aid, food, etc.)
  • Do not bring valuables or items easily damaged by water.

  • Luggage is limited to two duffel bags (only duffels)
    which are not to exceed a total maximum weight of 50 lbs. per person.
    All items must be inside these bags, 
    and they must have the official XOBA baggage tags that will be in your registration packet.

  • Bicycling helmets are required! 
    Make sure they are CPSC approved and properly adjusted to fit your head.

  • Each rider must be in good physical condition and trained sufficiently for this event.

Remember everyone involved with the tour are volunteers. Including your tour director.