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Across Ohio Bicycle Adventure Website. 

Paper Registration will be available by Monday, February 29th, 2016.

*last updates
 February 24th, 2016


ATTN: Clubs and Teams
If you have a Group or Team that wants to ride 
XOBA 2016, 
let us know!!! 
We have deal for you. 

XOBA Committee Meeting
This weekend!
Call Maureen for details.

XOBA #19
The Transportation Tour
Mass - Water - Air - Bike - Space - Misc. - Rail

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016
Saturday, July 30th, 2016

2016 Across Ohio Bicycle Adventure begins in

*** PARKING / Bus Ride***
Packet pickup 9.am-10.30am
Saturday, July 23rd, 2016
To Be Announced
Lake Erie (Huron/Vermillion Area)

Buses will leave shortly after 10.30.am

Estimated Mileage is 425 miles for the week.

Daily Mileage is 55-65 miles a day
 with 65 miles as a max.
Bonus mileage will be available 
2-3 days of the week.
Bonus mileage is 85-110 miles.

This Map will be updated regularly!

Please do not infer 
actual routes or mileage 
from this map.
*No we will not be going through Columbus.

This Map will be updated
to reflect the latest changes to the 
scheduled overnights.

Please do not infer 
actual routes or mileage 
from this map.

Across Ohio Bicycle Adventure (XOBA) 
is made possible by 
Columbus Outdoor  Pursuits (COP) 
Not-for-Profit Organization 501(c)3

Thank you Columbus Outdoor Pursuits

Volunteers Needed!!!! 
for 2016
We are looking for volunteers for the week of the tour.
SAG and Services!
330.333.XOBA (9622)

Interested in becoming a Sponsor?
Call the XOBA Hotline and If we can not answer, please leave a message.
330.333.XOBA (9622)

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

Since 1998 Brian and Diane have been making bicycle dreams a reality.

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