Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions Page...

What is the Towel Service?

Towel Service is a service where our Services Team provides you with a fresh towel and washcloth daily.

More details can be found here Towel Services.

What is the Chair Service?

Towel Service is a service where our Services Team provides you with a bag chair daily.

More details can be found here Chair Services.

Musical SAG has retired.

What is the Tent Service?

Tent Service is a service where you just have to bring the normal stuff, except a tent, air mattress, towel, wash cloth and chair. More details can be found here Tent Services.

Is the Bus included?

This is one of the most asked questions. The Bus is included for everyone. There is no discount if you do not take the bus.

How will my bicycle be transported to the start from the finish?

We have professional movers who blanket wrap all bicycles, no matter what size, shape, etc. We have used the same service for years and have had never had any complaints about the handling of bicycles. If you do have an unusual or over sized bicycle, please let the tour director know at check in so the SAG Support will be aware.

What if I want to sleep inside one night and outside another?

No Problem! We have riders do this all the time.

What should I pack?

We are so glad you asked, here is a list of what you should and should not bring. PACKING LIST

What time does the Bus leave?

We need everyone to be ready to go at 10.am on the First Saturday of the tour!

Buses will leave shortly after we double check everything and everyone.

May I bring a camp stove or other cooking device?

NO. It is illegal for us to transport the fuel and our contracts with the overnights as well as our insurance strictly prohibit this on the tour.

I want to Help! How do I find out how?

We are so happy you asked. The Tour is completely run by volunteers and we greatly appreciate each and every one of them. We have a lot of opportunities and options. Click Here to learn about some of the options... Volunteering

Will there be Concessions available?

- Free PopCorn will be available every day (Sun-Fri).

- Coffee and donuts will be available for purchase in the morning starting at 6.15.am (Sun-Sat).

- Fruit Smoothies will be available every day (Sun-Fri).

- Currently no other concessions are planned at this time. (Subject to change)

Do you handle special situations or requests, such as transporting a CPAP machine, keeping medicine secure and refrigerated?

We handle each situation or request on a case by case basis.

We transport your CPAP Machine separately from the luggage area of the luggage truck.

While we can not keep things refrigerated for everyone, we do have special space for Medicine.

What meals are provided?

We Provide a box lunch on the bus ride from parking to the first overnight. We provide dinner the first night (Saturday night) and the last night (Friday Night). Sometimes we will provide another meal when our overnight is more remote. We will let everyone know at check-in and at the first night's meal.

Where are we going this year?

Check out the main page for details.

Where do we stay? How is the decision made where to stay?

We primarily stay at local high schools. Camping inside on a gym or cafeteria floor and outside in a designated grass area. When a high school is not available we look to small colleges, YMCAs, and occasionally a middle school. Where ever we stay the decision is fairly simple, does it meet our needs. Showers, Camping, etc... Have a suggestion? Want to know more?


***more questions and answers added regulary.

Still not finding what you are looking for?

Really it is ok!

There are a lot of components that make up a Tour and we are here to answer them all.

Email us at Questions@Ride-XOBA.org