You have always asked yourself, "Self, am I bringing the right stuff on this trip?"

It is really an age old question if you think about it.

It all starts with, "What if"

Here it is the information you will want to know now, so you will have a good time later.

Safety First!

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What not to Bring!!!

These are STRICTLY prohibited and could get the entire tour kicked out of an overnight!

Cooking Gear / Stove / Grill / Candles / Trash Cans / Shovels

Lawn chairs - Bag chairs are ok and do not count as luggage.


Pack your duffle bag appropriately.

While we do not weigh the bags, if it is over 35lbs we will ask you to divide it into another bag.

What to Bring...

Change of Clothes!!

Remeber to pack enough

for at least 8 days.

    • Shirts

      • T-shirts

      • Jerseys

    • Long sleeve shirt

      • Never know

    • Underwear

    • Pants

      • Jeans

      • Shorts

      • Sweats

      • Other

  • Cycling Shorts/tights

    • Cycling Gloves

    • Jacket

    • Socks

    • Cycling shoes

    • Hat

    • Rain gear

    • Walking Shoes

    • Swimsuit


    • Tent (outside only)

      • with rain fly

    • Ground Cloth

    • Sleeping bag

    • Pillow

    • Sleeping pad

    • Mallet

The Bare Minimum:

    • Bicycle (ok who said Duh!)

    • Helmet
      (mandatory for any Columbus Outdoor Pursuits bicycle rides)

    • Frame Pump / CO2

    • Bag (one of the following)

      • Handlebar

      • Seat

      • Rack

    • Water bottles (at least 2)

    • Identification (Who are you?)

    • Insurance Card

    • Lock and Cable

  • Medicines***

    • Money

      • Cash

      • Credit Card

      • Travelers Checks

    • Towel (or two)

    • Toiletries

    • Smile


    • Duct Tape

      • Not for snoring

    • Allen Wrenches

    • Spare inner tube

    • chain cleaner

    • chain lube

    • rags

    • screw driver

    • chain tool

    • Tube repair kit

    • Adjustable wrench

Some Pleasantries

    • Rearview Mirror

    • Sun Block

    • Lip Balm

    • Mosquito Repellent

    • Shower Thongs

    • Laundry Soap (To hand wash stuff)

    • First Aid Kit

    • Ziploc style bags (Great for maps)

    • Sun Glasses

      • Even at night

    • Flashlight (Do not forget batteries)

    • Ear plugs

    • Swim suit

    • Frisbee

    • Playing Cards

    • Board games

    • Reading Material

    • Writing Material

    • Clothes Line

    • Toilet paper

    • cause you never know

    • Stamps

    • Camera

Ask your self... SELF...

What if I get wet?

What if I get soaked?

and do not forget something clean to ride home in after the ride.

If you feel we have left something off or not sure about something,

Please let us know below,

drop us an email

or give us a call.

330.333.XOBA (9622)